Active fund managers trail the S&P 500 for the ninth year in a row in triumph for indexing

Investing in low-cost, passive funds remains the soundest long-term investment. (more...)

FBI Agents ‘Scared to Death’ of Speaking Against Mueller Probe — Even Privately

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik told Breitbart News that FBI agents are "scared to death" to criticize internal corruption. (more...)

Judge sets Roger Stone trial for early November

The federal judge presiding over Roger Stone’s criminal case has scheduled his trial to begin on Nov. 5.With jury selection, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Thursday that the court is looking at a two-week trial on the s (more...)

Poll: Only 37% Found Michael Cohen’s Testimony Credible

Only 37 percent of people surveyed found former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's testimony in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform this week to be credible, according to a poll published Friday. (more...)

The market’s two-month hot start to 2019 could mean more gains ahead, history shows

Data compiled by LPL Financial show the S&P 500 has posted gains in the final 10 months of the year in 25 of the 27 times it started a year with back-to-back gains in January and February. (more...)

How to Prepare for Volatility and a Possible Recession in 2019

Investors should be ready for a bumpy ride. One step concerned investors can take to ramp down risk could be to buy into a stock market index that offers more stability than the S&P 500: the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index. (more...)

Jussie Smollett And The ‘Fake First’ Media

The left would expect mere mortals to understand that as opposed to them, the left rises above the rumormongering and misinformation of social media. As with so much else regarding the left, that's nonsense. It cuts (more…) (more...)

Trump Takes Back $1 Billion from California; Gavin Newsom Complains: ‘Political Retribution’

The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it was canceling a federal grant to California worth nearly $1 billion after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the cancelation of the state's high-speed rail project last week. (more...)

British ISIS bride stripped of citizenship after begging to come home

The UK on Tuesday revoked the citizenship of the British teenager who ran off to join ISIS in 2015 and begged to be allowed home last week for the sake of her baby, according to a report. The British Home Office broke the news (more...)

Patients, health data experts accuse Facebook of exposing personal health information

A group of patients and health data experts is accusing Facebook of misleading users about how their personal health information can be manipulated and exposed without patients' explicit permission.In a Federal (more...)

Charlie Munger says California, Connecticut have been ‘stupid’ for driving rich people away

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's right-hand man at Berkshire Hathaway, said Thursday that places like California and Connecticut have been very "stupid" for driving rich people away from their states. (more...)

Andrew McCabe Confirms: Deep State Plotted To Take Down Trump

In pushing his new book, former FBI acting Director Andrew McCabe dropped a bombshell on CBS News. The Justice Department held meetings to consider removing President Trump from office under the 25th (more…) (more...)

Schumer: Trump’s National Emergency Declaration Would Be a ‘Lawless Act,’ Gross ‘Abuse’ of Power

Thursday on the Senate floor, Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said if President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, it would be “a lawless (more...)

Ocasio-Cortez rips Howard Schultz over calling tax plan ‘punitive’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slapped back at former Starbucks CEO and billionaire Howard Schultz for calling her proposed 70 percent marginal tax rate for the country’s wealthiest “punitive.” “Reminder that their plan = no (more...)

Trump Demands Gavin Newsom Return $3.5 Billion for Canceled Bullet Train; Newsom: It’s ‘California’s Money’ Now

Trump on canceled bullet train: "They owe the Federal Government three and a half billion dollars." Gavin Newsom: "This is CA’s money." (more...)

Shutdowns Show Why Airline Industry Shouldn’t Depend On Washington

When the border funding dispute between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats led to a partial federal government shutdown, what followed was weeks of speculation on what would cause one side or (more...)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez releases ‘Green New Deal’ outline

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for the federal government to launch a World War II-like mobilization on a “Green New Deal” environmental plan that would reduce carbon emissions, remake the (more...)

Voters Reject ‘Medicare for All’ — even in Left-Wing California

Democratic presidential candidates are rushing to declare their support for a single-payer -- i.e. government-run -- health care system. But voters reject such a system -- even in left-wing California, where it is thought to be (more...)

NFL’s Kaepernick Still Calls Criminal Justice System ‘Racist’ — Despite Reforms And Lack Of Evidence

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's attorney accused the musical group Maroon 5 of crossing the "picket line" to perform at the Super Bowl and called the explanation by Adam Levine, the lead singer of the musical (more...)

Hundreds of federal workers haven’t received back pay from shutdown: report

Numerous federal workers still owed back pay have not received all of the compensation they are due from the recent 35-day partial government shutdown, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.The news outlet spoke (more...)

No-deal Brexit could unleash garbage crisis in UK

No-deal on Brexit could really stink. If the UK leaves the European Union without passing a host of stopgap measures by March 29, it might face a trash crisis. Licenses to export millions of tons of trash to Scandinavia and (more...)

Biden: Northam ‘Lost All Moral Authority’; Should Resign ‘Immediately’

Former Vice President Joe Biden joined a bipartisan chorus of calls for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign after a photo emerged of him and another man wearing blackface and KKK attire. (more...)

Wealth Tax Fails The Test Around The World

There's little doubt that the political flavor of the day is what the left calls "democratic socialism." And one of this movement's more recent ideas, from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is to impose a "wealth tax" on the wealthy. SIGN UP NOW! (more...)