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Is it important to have racial or sexual diversity in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic? (more...)

Passengers rage over lack of social distancing enforcement on plane

Air rage erupted aboard an Iberia Express flight from Madrid to the Canary Islands when passengers berated flight attendants for not enforcing social-distancing measures, according to reports. “Where is the safety distance Iberia? The (more...)

GOP Well-Positioned to Flip First California Seat Since 1998

California has not seen a congressional seat flip from blue to red in more than two decades, but state and national Republican officials say they are well-positioned to do so in Tuesday's special election. Democrats have scrambled to retain (more...)

CBS News’ Weijia Jiang Suggests Trump Is Racist for Criticizing China in Answering Her Question

CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang made a thinly-veiled accusation of racism against President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon when he spoke about China in response to one of her questions at a press briefing in the Rose Garde (more...)

Tara Reade’s lawyers demand Joe Biden turn over docs

Lawyers for Joe Biden sex accuser Tara Reade on Monday demanded that the former veep open up his archives at the University of Delaware and pushed a Senate official to hand over any documents related to the case, too. Top sex-harassment law (more...)

Caving to Chinese Pressure, WHO Will Not Invite Taiwan to Global Health Meeting

The World Health Organization has denied an appeal for Taiwan to join an upcoming meeting on the global health situation amid protests from China, which has sought to exclude the nation from pressing deliberations. Steven Solomon, the WHO's (more...)

Obama’s top brass contradict public statements about ‘collusion’ under oath

Newly released House Intelligence Committee transcripts show just how different a picture some top Obama-era officials painted of the Trump-Russia investigation under oath versus the loaded allegations they made over years in (more… (more...)

Biden Calls for Resumption of Palestinian Aid as New Payments to Terrorists Revealed

Just days after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for a full resumption of U.S. aid to the Palestinian government, new disclosures revealed the Palestinians are still using international contributions to pay salaries to ter (more...)

11 Monthly Dividend Stocks and Funds for Reliable Income

Your bills generally come monthly. Your mortgage, your car payment, your utility bills ... even the gym membership and Netflix subscription come due once per month. Yet that's not how most investments typically work. Bonds tend to pay th (more...)

Dems allegedly working around Congress to send checks to illegal immigrants

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said a fund for immigrants was "something we want to take a look at," Politico reported on Wednesday (more…) (more...)

Osama Bin Laden Plotted Barack Obama’s Assassination to Elevate ‘Totally Unprepared’ Joe Biden

Osama bin Laden wanted to assassinate former President Barack Obama in the early 2010s as part of a plan to plunge the U.S. into crisis through the elevation of Joe Biden, whom the infamous terrorist leader believed was "totally unprepared" (more...)

Justice Democrat Calls for Mass Prison Release

A New York Democrat demanded the immediate release of all New York state prisoners scheduled to be released later in 2020, a move that could set free more than 7,500 inmates overnight. Jamaal Bowman, a Bronx progressive challenging Democrat (more...)

China Sends $30 Million to W.H.O. After U.S. Freezes Funding

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it will donate another $30 million to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), which is under growing scrutiny from member states for its poor handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic (more...)

Joni Ernst: Eliminate U.S. Taxpayer Funding of Wuhan Lab, Chinese Wet Markets

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) told Breitbart News Daily about her legislation to eliminate taxpayer funding to "filthy" Chinese wet markets, which are reportedly linked to the novel coronavirus. (more...)

11 Things That May Soon Disappear Forever (The Pandemic Edition)

Fifteen years ago, thousands of Blockbuster Video stores occupied buildings like this all over the country, renting DVDs and selling popcorn. Today, there's only one (it's in Bend, Ore). The company's shares once traded for nearly $30. Now (more...)

Dem Defends Wet Markets in Face of Scientific Consensus About Their Dangers

An Illinois Democrat who has blamed President Trump for coronavirus deaths defended Chinese wet markets at a Monday tele-townhall, ignoring the scientific consensus that they are breeding grounds for deadly diseases. "I think we need to be (more...)

Coronavirus stimulus checks are being sent to dead people

The federal stimulus checks received by millions of Americans Wednesday to help ease the economic windfall caused by the coronavirus pandemic were also sent to unexpected recipients — dead people. Numerous Americans took to social med (more...)

White House Coronavirus Task Force Plans Thursday Release of Guidelines to Reopen Country

President Donald Trump said the White House coronavirus task force would release new guidelines for reopening the country on Thursday. (more...)

CA Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom to Bail Out Illegal Immigrants with Taxpayers’ Money

California's Democrat governor is providing a $500 per person bailout to 150,000 poor illegal migrants throughout the state, according to the Associated Press. (more...)

Media Ignore Report on Wuhan Lab Cited for Hazardous Coronavirus Research

Many media outlets have ignored a new report showing American officials warned in 2018 that research at a Wuhan superlab could create a pandemic, even as reporters branded lawmakers conspiracy theorists for suggesting a potential connection (more...)

Joe Biden Has Yet to Face Single Question on Sexual Assault Allegations

Joe Biden has been asked 81 questions in over two hours worth of media interviews since a former staffer in his U.S. Senate office accused him of sexual assault three weeks ago. He hasn't fielded a single question about (mo (more...)

Far-Left Groups Band Together to Issue List of Policy Demands to Biden

A coalition of left-wing groups with wide-ranging focuses have united to issue a list of demands to former vice president Joe Biden now that he's officially the Democratic presidential nominee. The Wednesday afternoon letter from self- (mor (more...)

Coronavirus was spreading in NYC weeks before first case, researchers say

The coronavirus was likely spreading in New York City as early as February, weeks before the Big Apple’s first confirmed case, according to a report citing new research. Dr. Adriana Heguy, a member of an NYU Grossman School of Medicin (more...)

Bernie Sanders says he’s hopeful for ‘more progressive’ Biden during ‘Colbert’ spot

Bernie Sanders said he hopes Joe Biden moves in a “more progressive direction” and vowed to do everything he could to defeat President Trump in his first interview since dropping out of the presidential race on Wednesday. The Ve (more...)