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What It Means to Have a Trade Deal That Puts America First

The new Republican Party platform suggests: “We need better-negotiated trade agreements that put America first.” Here are

A Lesson in Affordable Living From Canada

How much more would cities grow if government regulations on construction were lighter and more predictable? New research fro

Conservative Leaders Rally Behind Stopping IRS Abuse of Donor Disclosures for Nonprofits

Legislation that would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from requiring tax-exempt organizations to include the names, add

Veteran Diplomat’s Ties to Boeing While Backing Iran Nuclear Deal Raise Questions

Former Ambassador Thomas Pickering’s involvement with the Boeing Co. during the years he spent pushing for the historic nuc

Obama’s 229 Major Regulations Cost $108 Billion Each Year

The Obama administration is responsible for thousands of new regulations—including a historic number of major regulations.

Koch Brothers Push 2-Year ‘Stop, Cut, and Fix’ Spending Plan on Congress

To put Washington’s fiscal house in order, an organization inside the conservative Koch network is pushing Congress to skip

3 Economic Facts That Counter Obama’s Recovery Narrative

President Barack Obama needs a reality check. Earlier this month in Indiana, he accused his critics of ignoring the “facts

Rand Paul Waste Report Highlights $25 Million Climate Change Project

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., outlined the federal government’s decision to fund a multimillion-dollar Philippines disaster prepar

The GOP Plan to End Wall Street Bailouts

House Republicans are priming the pump for the next president to overhaul much of the financial regulation enacted in the aft

The Left’s Not-So-Secret Agenda for Bailing Out Union Pensions

The administration and congressional democrats are teaming up to force a taxpayer bailout of private unions’ underfunded an

The Problem With the Government’s New Small Dollar Loan Regulation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued its long-awaited rule proposal to regulate small dollar lenders such as t

As Government Regulations Grow, Business Opportunities Shrink

A recent study by The Heritage Foundation revealed that President Barack Obama has created a whopping total of 20,642 regulat

Congress’s Puerto Rico Bill Is Not a ‘Conservative Win’

Congress’s latest attempt to address the Puerto Rico debt crisis is winning applause in some conservative quarters. The

A Skeptical Look at Regulatory Budgeting

The burden of federal regulation on the U.S. economy has often been compared to a tax. Unlike ordinary taxation, however, the

Thanks to GOP, Washington’s Summer Spending Spree Has Started

Washington’s summer spending spree is off to a very bad start for taxpayers. Congress couldn’t agree on a budget

We Know What’s Solving Poverty Around the World

For nations all around the world, as well as right here at home, lawmakers struggle with how to achieve economic and social p