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Goldman Sachs’ secrets for making money off this election

The tone is shifting on Wall Street, where many analysts have gone from taking the U.S. presidential election largely in stri

Lyft predicts mostly self-driving cars by 2021

Ride-hailing app Lyft said most of its rides will be in self-driving cars within five years.  Lyft co-founder and President

Wells Fargo’s stock collapse cost Warren Buffett $1.4B

The biggest loser in Wells Fargo’s stock collapse was legendary investor Warren Buffett, dubbed the Oracle of Omaha. On Wed

Reminder: Don’t take corporate earnings reports at face value

Stock prices are massively inflated when you strip corporate earnings of all the fancy accounting tricks, according to resear

Keep dreaming if you think you’re retiring in your 60s

Within this economy and its superficially healthy 4.9 percent unemployment numbers lies a double-edged crisis.  It’s a cri

The Fed’s jobs report could hurt Hillary Clinton

Friday’s employment report will be tricky for both the financial markets and the presidential candidates.  

How Democrats can spin the unemployment rate in their favor

The Democrats will want the economy to look healthy between now and November. The Republicans will want it to look weak.  So

Washington set to block health-insurance mergers: report

Washington is about to move to stop two large health-insurer mergers, according to a report.  

Is the Federal Reserve fueling fears into US markets?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard for the average investor to make money in the stock market? Did you just miss the p

Obama’s medical journal essay hints at insurer merger concerns

Is President Obama asking the Department of Justice to read between the lines?  

Labor Department’s job numbers might as well come from a lottery

Here is how the monthly employment figures should actually be done.  “I’m Yolanda Vega. And June’s first number is 2.

Sure looks like governments rigged stocks after Brexit vote

Ah, that wasn’t too bad.  I’m figuring that is what investors were saying on Wednesday after financial markets around th

Be careful of this PayPal scam

There are scams aplenty out there on the internet, and I’ve already had fun investigating some.  Today I’m going to tell

Ugly jobs report is even worse than it looks

The job market went ker-plop in May, which should send new college graduates to the beaches instead of gainful employment and

This is how budget airlines are so cheap

Given that all airlines are in the business of strapping people into seats and transporting them from A to B, I’ve always f