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Bob Woodward calls Trump dossier ‘garbage’

Legendary Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward called the salacious dossier about Russia’s alleged dirt on Donald Trump

Trump rips ‘unverified’ Buzzfeed report: ‘Total political witch hunt’

A new dossier making salacious claims against President-elect Donald Trump was published by the online outlet BuzzFeed Tuesda

Democrats wage anti-Trump offensive for their own gain

This is a first: Donald Trump is guilty of an understatement, of making a molehill out of a mountain. He called the Washingto

Obama’s closest adviser says president has been scandal-free

Scandal, what scandal?  President Obama has been squeaky clean, according to his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett.  “The

2016 was not a good year for famous people

George Michael is just the latest in a long line of stars who have passed away in 2016 — a list that includes politicians,

Boeing CEO vows to build two Air Force Ones for the price of one

The CEO of Boeing has promised Donald Trump to build two Air Force One jets for under $4 billion — following public outcry

Trump fires back at Bill Clinton’s ‘angry white men’ dig

Donald Trump pounced on a reported comment from Bill Clinton, the former president and husband of his Democratic rival in the

Electoral College meets amid last-ditch effort to deny Trump presidency

And you thought Election Day was in November.  Electors are set to gather in every state on Monday to formally elect Donald

Trump thought Giuliani ‘lacked stamina’ to be secretary of state

Donald Trump worried that Rudy Giuliani might lack the stamina to fulfill the duties of secretary of state, according to a re

Joe Biden won’t rule out 2020 bid: ‘I’m not going anywhere’

Vice President Joe Biden is keeping the door open for a 2020 run for president, when he’ll be 78 years old and Donald Trump

Crowd shouts ‘No Romney!’ at Trump rally

As President-elect Donald Trump stood onstage during the debut night of his “thank you” tour and teased that he was about

Tensions between Clinton, Trump campaigns finally boil over

Tensions between the Clinton and Trump campaigns reached a fever pitch on Thursday night — when a shouting match broke out

Donations to Clinton Foundation fell by 37 percent

Donations to the Clinton Foundation nose-dived last year amid Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, pay-to-play allegations,

Trump bashes NY Times, says transition going ‘so smoothly’

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday denounced reports of disorganization in the team overseeing his transition to the W

Donald Trump’s win means the biased media needs to change

Oh, the gnashing of teeth, the outrage, the umbrage. The spitting mad media are mounting soapboxes to combat the president-el

Lame duck Obama has no chance of fulfilling these policy dreams

President Obama’s last days in office could see a flurry of new executive orders and last-minute regulations, but many of h

The Clinton Foundation’s $20 million off-the-books mystery

The inner workings of a mysterious off-the-books arm of the Clinton Foundation were partially revealed in the hacked emails o

Election’s nightmare scenario: Dispute goes to 8-member Supreme Court

What happens if America wakes up on Nov. 9 to another undecided, hotly disputed presidential election? What if the outcome tu

Hillary only has herself to blame for the mess she’s in

We must forgive Mark Twain for his error when he declared that “history never repeats itself but it often rhymes.” After

New Wells Fargo CEO says ‘sorry’ to employees amid probe

The Wells Fargo apology tour is underway.  Tim Sloan, who’s been the bank’s chief executive for barely two weeks, took t

DNC head admits Obama’s economic record is not that great

At least one Democrat gets it — sort of.  Donna Brazile, acting head of the Democratic National Committee, doesn’t think

Why a Democrat-controlled Senate would sink Wall Street

A quick look at the bond and stock markets shows that there are growing jitters as measured by the VIX, or volatility index.

Leo’s charity to return cash tainted by corruption probe

Leo DiCaprio is cooperating with the feds and plans to return more than $1 million worth of donations tainted by a massive in

This is fun, but let’s talk jobs and economy

Hillary Clinton is a liar and a thief. She also has nearly been indicted two times and was saved only because of her governme

Gross domestic income could determine the next recession

If you look at the nation’s economic data in a certain way, the US is very close to a recession.  You won’t get anything