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Study: Colleges may hike tuition to comply with overtime rule

The Labor Department’s controversial overtime rule could increase tuition for college students, according to a new study.Th

Kaine: Dems will use ‘nuclear option’ if GOP blocks court nominee

Hillary Clinton's running mate is predicting Democrats will go "nuclear" if Republicans try to stonewall a potential Supreme

Obama changed the face of our economy for the worse

Question: What do Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, Ireland and Estonia have in common?Answer: They all have more economic freedom

Terror attacks won’t budge millennial voters

The attack by a young Somali-American at a mall in Minnesota and arrest of Ahmad Rahami for the bombings in New York City and

Study: Obama issued $743B in regs

Since President Obama took office in 2009, the federal government has issued 600 major regulations totaling $743 billion, acc

Treasury proposes rules to close estate tax ‘loophole’

The Treasury Department has proposed rules designed to prevent taxpayers from paying less than they should in estate and gift

Labor, climate groups launch $10M anti-Trump campaign

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and environmental billionaire Tom Steyer are teaming up to take down Donald

Obama lawyers may appeal ruling overturning fracking rule

Obama administration lawyers filed notice that they may appeal a court decision from earlier this week that overturned the In

Speaker Ryan to call for new government spending limits

House Speaker Paul Ryan will call for the federal government to rein in spending Thursday.As the national debt surges past $1

House spending bill takes swipes at FCC rules

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee are pushing a spending bill that would temporarily block a slate of controv