Blame Washington, Not Vladimir Putin, for Rising Prices

How out of control is inflation? One measure says it all: Prices are now rising as fast in one month as they used to rise in

Biden’s Proposal That Allows the IRS to Track Your Bank Transactions Is Dangerous for All Americans

President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats are trying to force financial institutions to report their customers’ accou

Biden Is Off to a Disastrous Start

Presidents aren’t supreme beings imbued with the power to dictate economic conditions, pandemics or international events. W

It’s Not a COVID-19 Relief Bill. It’s Christmas for Democrats.

Republicans should stop referring to the Democrats’ newest ideological wish list as a COVID-19 “relief bill” or “resc

GOP Well-Positioned to Flip First California Seat Since 1998

California has not seen a congressional seat flip from blue to red in more than two decades, but state and national Republica

Caving to Chinese Pressure, WHO Will Not Invite Taiwan to Global Health Meeting

The World Health Organization has denied an appeal for Taiwan to join an upcoming meeting on the global health situation amid

Biden Calls for Resumption of Palestinian Aid as New Payments to Terrorists Revealed

Just days after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for a full resumption of U.S. aid to the Palestinian gover

Justice Democrat Calls for Mass Prison Release

A New York Democrat demanded the immediate release of all New York state prisoners scheduled to be released later in 2020, a

Dem Defends Wet Markets in Face of Scientific Consensus About Their Dangers

An Illinois Democrat who has blamed President Trump for coronavirus deaths defended Chinese wet markets at a Monday tele-town

Media Ignore Report on Wuhan Lab Cited for Hazardous Coronavirus Research

Many media outlets have ignored a new report showing American officials warned in 2018 that research at a Wuhan superlab coul

Joe Biden Has Yet to Face Single Question on Sexual Assault Allegations

Joe Biden has been asked 81 questions in over two hours worth of media interviews since a former staffer in his U.S. S

Far-Left Groups Band Together to Issue List of Policy Demands to Biden

A coalition of left-wing groups with wide-ranging focuses have united to issue a list of demands to former vice president Joe

AOC Remained in Posh D.C. Apartment as Coronavirus Ravaged Her District

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) spent the opening weeks of the coronavirus outbreak in her luxury Washington, D.C.,

Government Union Reports Sharp Decline in Political Spending

One of the country's top labor unions cut its political spending in union stronghold Oregon after seeing dues drop by $2 mill

This behavior suggests traders are betting on an ‘explosive’ market move

Looming risks including Brexit, Super Tuesday and earnings season are creating a monstrous dynamic in the markets, says Bill

How McConnell Outplayed Pelosi

Mitch McConnell was clear when he addressed the Senate December 18: Any impeachment trial of President Trump would follow the

Bloomberg Hits Biden on Lack of Experience: ‘Never Been the Manager of an Organization’

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized fellow Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for his lack of ex

Under Progressive Policing, Transit Crime Surges in NYC, SF

Crime is spiking in public transit systems on opposite sides of the country, as both New York City and San Francisco struggle

A Pro-Growth Alternative to the Left’s Tax Hike Agenda

America needs a bold agenda to solidify the current economic expansion and return hard-earned money to taxpayers. That runs c

IT’S HAPPENING: Democratic Voters Are Ready For Hillary, Poll Finds

Democratic primary voters are "Ready for Hillary," according to the results of a recent Harvard-Harris national poll which f

Buttigieg: Warren’s Medicare for All Math Is ‘Controversial’

South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg (D.) criticized his rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) Medicare for All for rel

Warren Backs AOC’s Illegal Immigrant Welfare Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren endorsed a Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) policy proposal that i

ABC’s Bombshell Ukraine Story Falls Apart

An ABC News report that an adviser to the Ukrainian president said any communication with President Donald Trump had to inclu

Omar Claims Federal Jobs Guarantee Program Will ‘Pay for Itself’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) on Monday night claimed the federal jobs guarantee program will "pay for itself." Omar appeared o

Trillion-Dollar Deficits Don’t Make America Great

Ten years ago, the federal government reached a dismal milestone: a one-year deficit of $1 trillion. Now, like too many movi