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President Trump has criticized the major social media and web search sites, in particular Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitte

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America's doctor shortage is becoming more and more severe. The Association of American Medical Colleges recently projected a

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The NFL's Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback who started the phenomenon of NFL players kneeling during the playing of the nati

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Apparently, a weekly show on NBC and a nightly show on MSNBC weren't large enough platforms for Chuck Todd to complain about

Don’t Look Now But Ted Cruz Was Exactly Right About ObamaCare

He was selling "snake oil," "making a false and politically damaging promise," committing "a fraud on the American people," a

Millennials May Love Socialism, But Socialism Won’t Love Them Back

Americans' heavy flirtation with socialism continues, and nowhere is that more evident than in America's youth. For many mill

Deregulation Nation: President Trump Cuts Regulations At Record Rate

Baseball season is winding down and, as it does, so is another grueling annual event: The U.S. government's fiscal year. But

If ObamaCare Is So Great, Why Do Its Backers Want To Block All The Exits?

The Trump administration approved an expansion of a low-cost insurance option for those who can't afford ObamaCare's sky-high

Trump’s Supply-Side Tax Cuts, Deregulation Vindicated By Big GDP Jump

The 4.1% spurt in second-quarter GDP shows just how much policies matter. Not only did President Trump's tax cuts and deregul

The Other Russian Hacking: Will Moscow’s Cyber-Attacks Turn Off Your Lights?

Americans and much of official Washington are focused intently on Russian hacking of our elections. But maybe they should be

Democrats’ Left Turn Into Their Past

Extremist confrontations threatening Democrats today similarly ended their national dominance fifty years ago.  What 1968's

What Might A Socialist American Government Do?

In its 19th-century infancy, socialist theory was at least admirable in its clarity: It meant state ownership of the means of

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By any standard, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So why has it suddenly become an unappealing

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War On Poverty: What would you think of a tax system that imposed effective marginal tax rates of up to 80% on low-income fam

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After Congress threatened impeachment, the Department of Justice and FBI reluctantly handed over classified documents related

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Amid all the immigration hoo-ha, maybe you missed the uncritical mainstream media reports of a United Nations study faulting

States Must Save Themselves from Medicaid Expansion

This month, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a bill that will expand Medicaid coverage to roughly 400,000 low-income, a

Here’s How Obama Covered Up His Many Scandals

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, an Obama administration appointee, is scheduled to deliver a report

Health Care Premiums Will Soar Again In 2019 — Thanks, Obama

ObamaCare enrollees should brace themselves for another year of double-digit premium hikes.  Average premiums for plans sold