Judge in Stone case says she is considering issuing a gag order

Roger Stone's media tour may be coming to an end.The federal judge overseeing Stone's criminal trial in Washington, D.C., said Friday that she is considering issuing a gag order in the case.Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an (more...)

Republican Senators Look to End Death Tax

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and John Thune, R-S.D., reintroduced legislation this week to send the death tax to its grave. “Death should not be a taxable event, and I am proud to join with my colleagues to ensure working men (more...)

Courts wade through post-shutdown backlog of cases

The government is fully reopened, but the effects of the partial shutdown will be felt for months in the federal judiciary as courts across the country play catch-up. Without money to pay its attorneys during the 35-day funding (more...)

Wealth Tax And Other Dangerous Ideas on Fighting Inequality

Leftist Democrats eyeing the White House in 2020 are plotting new ways to confiscate Americans' hard-earned money and give it away. Claiming economic inequality is a national crisis, they want to take money from those   (more...)

Demonizing White Men

You can decide whether these statements are decent, moral or even sensible. Should we support their visions? (more...)

Kamala Harris Walks Back Call to Eliminate Private Health Insurance

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), 2020 presidential candidate, walked back her call for eliminating private health insurance and replacing it with a single-payer, government-run "Medicare for All" program less than 24 hours after (more...)

15 Worst College Majors for a Lucrative Career

Whether the high cost of college is worthwhile often depends on what you study. It's true a full-time worker with a bachelor's typically earns about 80% more than someone with only a high school diploma, according to the (more...)

Video shows armed FBI agents storming Roger Stone’s house

New video shows the moment Roger Stone, President Trump’s longtime confidant, was taken into custody during a pre-dawn raid Friday carried out by armed FBI agents. With their guns drawn, several agents stormed (more...)

Democratic Party Lurches To The Left For 2020

Here they come, the newly resurgent Democrats, ready to take on "the man" (Rep. Rashida Tlaib); protect America's middle class from "attack" by big corporations and billionaires (Sen. Elizabeth Warren); provide "Medicare- (more...)

Morgan Stanley: Buy Apple now before earnings next week because the bad news is already in the stock

As the bar is low for Apple's earnings next Tuesday, Morgan Stanley says it's a good time to buy the stock now. (more...)

Blue State Blues: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victim-Hoax Shtick Is Getting Old

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she is a victim of unfair attacks by "Republicans" or "conservatives," then responds cleverly to those non-attacks. (more...)

Under Trump, US Economic Freedom Rises Significantly

The U.S. economy is roaring like no other time in recent memory. The job market is hot, unemployment is down to record lows, and small business optimism is soaring. But this newfound dynamism didn’t come from (more...)

Kamala Harris is running for president in 2020

Sen. Kamala Harris has joined the crowded field of Democrats running for president in 2020. “I love my country. I love my country,” Harris of California said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Monday. “This is a (more...)

George Soros-Funded Groups Leading BDS War on Jewish State

TEL AVIV -- Financing tied to billionaire activist George Soros is a common yet largely underreported theme among organizations that lead or support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign (more...)

Hillary’s Dark Money Group Relies Heavily on Six Donors and Campaign Money

The dark money nonprofit launched by Hillary Clinton following her defeat against Donald Trump relied heavily on just six donors and an $800,000 money transfer from her former presidential campaign committee during (more...)

Public Sees Gov’t As A Big Problem, Dems Want To Double Its Size

Leading Democrats are pushing an agenda that would more than double the size of the federal government. This comes as a new Gallup Poll finds that the public views government as the most important problem facing the   (more...)

2020: O’Rourke Questions Relevance of the Constitution: ‘Does This Still Work?’

Former congressman and failed Senate candidate Robert Francis (Beto) O'Rourke questioned the relevance of the United States Constitution in a recent interview with the Washington Post. In the interview published (more...)

‘Medicare-for-All’ Would Take Most of Your Paycheck

In a crowded field of Democrats vying for the presidency in 2020, one thing stands out. "Medicare-for-all" tops their campaign promises. On Sunday, the latest to announce, former Obama cabinet official Julian Castro, pledged toSIGN UP NOW! (more...)

LEAK: ‘Huge Teams’ Engaged in Manual Interventions on Google Search Results

The leaked post from a member of Google's "trust & safety" team appears to contradict Sundar Pichai's sworn testimony. (more...)

CEO of world’s largest money manager: There would be a bullish surge on a US-China trade deal

The deal would need to be substantial enough to reduce tension, Larry Fink says, and include both sides calling off tariffs on each others goods. (more...)

Fellow Democrats are trying to rein in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Just one week into her congressional tenure, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is ruffling feathers within her own party — which is now mounting a behind-the-scenes effort to rein in the social media star. (more...)

Bear market in value stocks is ending, Wells Fargo predicts a 2019 comeback

Wells Fargo's Christopher Harvey expects value names to be the big winners in the second half of 2019. (more...)