Lauren Boebert Declares Emma Weyant ‘Rightful Winner’ in Race Against Trans Swimmer

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R) has authored a resolution declaring runner-up Emma Weyant, the "rightful winner" of the NCAA women's 500-meter freestyle race, instead of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. (more...)

Far-Left CNN Loses 56% of Viewers During First Quarter of 2022

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads misinformation, conspiracy theories, and violence, lost 56 percent of its first-quarter primetime audience compared to last year. (more...)

Sharpton: Republicans Will Use ‘Straight-Out Racially Charged’ Dog Whistles in Midterms

Al Sharpton said Friday on "Deadline" that the Republicans were going to use "straight-out racially charged whistles" during the midterm elections. (more...)

A Broken Country Buries a Broken Laptop, by Neil Patel

There has been a lot of ink spilled over Hunter Biden's broken laptop and the way it was treated in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, but not nearly enough. Now The New York Times has admitted, almost two years too late, that mater (more...)

Biden Promises Executive Action on Climate Change as Energy Costs Spike

President Joe Biden reassured donors Monday that he would use his executive powers to act on climate change, even as energy prices are at record highs. (more...)

The Clock Is Ticking: Take Advantage of Low Tax Rates Now

Tax rates are historically low, but how long will they stay that way? And what kinds of tax strategies can you employ that take advantage of those rates and may help lessen your tax burden – both as you near retirement and while (more...)

Zuck’s War: Facebook Okays Calls for Violence Against Russians

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, sent an email to employees of both social media platforms informing them that calls for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers will temporarily be allowed, according to (more&helli (more...)

Stock Market Today: Stock Selloff Resumes After Sizzling Inflation Update

Markets resumed their selloff today after cabinet-level talks between Ukraine and Russia failed to result in any progress toward a diplomatic solution to end the conflict between the two countries. Investors were also treated to the latest (more...)

There is ‘nowhere to hide’ for consumers as inflation hits food, gas, housing

Consumer prices are rising at their fastest pace in decades — and that inflation has been most acute in household staple items like food, housing and transportation, making it hard to escape the budgetary sting. (more…) (more...)

How to Protect Your Estate: A Pandemic-Inspired Checklist

If there is a poignant reality the pandemic has taught us all, it is to expect the unexpected. Since early 2020, our lives have been turned upside down. We have seen dramatic shifts in the stock market, civil unrest, a great resignation fro (more...)

More than 33% of Children Who Started School During Coronavirus Need ‘Intensive’ Reading Intervention

More than one in three students who started school during coronavirus pandemic restrictions are reading far below grade level and have little chance of recovering by the end of the school year. (more...)

Bidenflation: Businesses Tell Fed That Rising Costs Are Getting Easier to Pass On to Customers

The Fed, in its latest Beige Book report that collects business anecdotes from around the country, said that prices charged to customers increased at a "robust pace" across the United States. (more…) (more...)

Gingrich Predicts ‘We’re Going to See a Much More Violent World’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts “we’re going to see a much more violent world” and warned China would try to seize Taiwan after seeing how weak the West is. [Vladimir Putin] is a little bit like a gambler who he’s going (more...)

Dow futures fall 450 points as traders assess ripple effects of Russia sanctions

U.S. stock futures moved lower in overnight trading on Sunday as investors fear the economic ramifications of the fighting between Russia and Ukraine. (more…) (more...)

If January Predicts the Rest of the Year, Investors Could Be Hurting

The month of January 2022 is over, and it wasn’t a pretty one for investors. The Standard & Poor’s 500 closed at 4516, down 251 points, or 5.3%, for the month. Now, for some more potential bad news: If you believe a popular stock (more...)

Psaki Is Dismissing Consequences of Lax Crime Policies Like Death, Hate Crimes

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” New York gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) said that the consequences of lax crime policies that were dismissed by White House Press Secretary (more...)

Big-Money Democrat PAC Throws $50 Million into Midterm Battleground States

The PAC has also apportioned $20 million to fight election integrity efforts in states that have passed legislation in opposition to voter fraud. The money will also be used to fund a coalition of Democrats who worked to elect Joe Biden in (more...)

Financial Elites Plotting a ‘Great Reset’ to Destroy Personal Wealth

Brownstone Research founder Jeff Brown explains the implications of the globalist “Great Reset” for ordinary investors and how Brownstone Research’s personalized “Great Reset Protection Plan” provides all the t (more...)

Home Office Deduction: Can You Claim This Tax Break If You Worked from Home Last Year?

Like millions of other Americans, you may have worked from home a lot last year because Covid forced your office to close. Sure, you saved money on commuting costs, work clothes and lunches, but there are other unreimbursed expenses that dr (more...)

Biden Will Send Troops to Eastern Europe ‘In the Near Term’

President Joe Biden on Friday announced plans to send U.S. troops to Eastern Europe “in the near term” amid increasing tensions between Russia and Ukraine. (more...)

Half of Americans Think Media Are Exaggerating Threat of Coronavirus

A majority of Americans think the media are exaggerating the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new poll. (more...)

Tulsi Gabbard Celebrates Terry McAuliffe’s Loss in Virginia: ‘This Benefits Us All’

Moderate Democrat and former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard celebrated Terry McAuliffe's (D) loss in Virginia on Tuesday night, hailing it as a rebuke of leftist extremism. (more…) (more...)