Best-Run States Are Heavily Republican, Study Finds

The ten most financially sound states in the country are all heavily Republican, while all but one of the ten worst states are heavily Democratic. That’s according to a ranking of states in a new report from the Mercatus Center at George (more...)

4 Retirement Lessons Rolled From a Rock

If people want to engage me and discuss retirement planning, the request I have is for them to take time and think back to their first memories around money. (more...)

The AG’s Guide to Ruining Business and Slowing State Growth

Those seeking to understand why millions of Americans support Donald Trump’s anti-government positions need look no further (more...)

ZUCKED UP: Why Silicon Valley is Scared to Death of Trump Part 1

California's high-tech business wizards like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg are in full freak-out mode over Donald Trump, and the key to understanding why lies in the H-1B visa program. (more...)

Forget the Staycation: Low-Cost Gasoline Revives Road Trip

The staycation is dead. Long live the great American road trip.Drivers will use 2.2 percent more gasoline this year between Memorial Day and Labor Day than they did in 2015, according to Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for GasBud (more...)

Chuck Todd: I Don’t Think Hillary Could Be Confirmed To Be AG Because of Email Conduct

On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said that he doesn’t think Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (more...)

As Government Regulations Grow, Business Opportunities Shrink

A recent study by The Heritage Foundation revealed that President Barack Obama has created a whopping total of 20,642 regulations during his presidency. And as we approach his final year in office, we face an additional 2,000 proposed rules (more...)

$50 oil makes this US driller more optimistic, plans on adding rigs

Pioneer Natural Resources is planning for the return of five to 10 rigs once it is confident the upturn in oil is more sustainable. (more...)

Gabby Giffords’s Group Pays ‘7-Figure’ Sum for Ad Against Pro-Gun Senator

Gabby Giffords's gun control group -- Americans for Responsible Solutions -- is spending seven figures to air an ad against pro-gun Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). (more...)

ObamaCare Premiums To Spike In Swing States Florida, Pennsylanvia

Mostly bad news continues to roll in on ObamaCare premium hikes requested for 2017, with the latest out of Pennsylvania, where insurers are seeking rate increases of 24% for 500,000 individual market customers. That follows recent news (more...)

Agents Say Real Estate Market Isn’t as Fun as It Used to Be

Real estate agents are flummoxed by a housing market that's still trying to recover a decade after its historic collapse. (more...)

Congress’s Puerto Rico Bill Is Not a ‘Conservative Win’

Congress’s latest attempt to address the Puerto Rico debt crisis is winning applause in some conservative quarters. The Wall Street Journal editorialized favorably, claiming that PROMESA, the acronym for H.R.  5278, “applie (more...)

House spending bill takes swipes at FCC rules

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee are pushing a spending bill that would temporarily block a slate of controversial regulations at the Federal Communications Commission. The panel’s Financial Service and General G (more...)

Households in Fed Survey Felt Vulnerable Despite Economic Gains

A substantial share of Americans lacked retirement savings and fewer households were confident in the outlook for their income at the end of last year. (more...)

A Skeptical Look at Regulatory Budgeting

The burden of federal regulation on the U.S. economy has often been compared to a tax. Unlike ordinary taxation, however, these regulatory burdens are not accounted for in the federal budget. Unfortunately, the vision is as unattainable as (more...)

Biggest banks in the world list: China dominates, US fades

While regulators and legislators try reduce the footprint of domestic institutions. American banks continue to lag. (more...)

‘Very Bearish’ Goldman: Yen to Drop 13 Percent Against Dollar

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is keeping faith with Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda's ability to influence markets, predicting the yen will slide 13 percent against the dollar by this time next year. (more...)

The Economist was cautious about Britain joining the euro

I WAS asked yesterday in a radio interview about the Treasury's report, published on Monday, which predicted a sharp recession if Britain votes to leave the EU. My opponent in that debate dismissed my view on the grounds that The Economist (more...)

Auto, Mortgage Delinquencies Rise in Energy Regions

The New York Fed’s quarterly report on household debt and credit found rising auto and mortgage delinquencies in the U.S. counties that had the highest employment in the oil and gas industry, even as the national picture continues its (more...)

Thanks to GOP, Washington’s Summer Spending Spree Has Started

Washington’s summer spending spree is off to a very bad start for taxpayers. Congress couldn’t agree on a budget deal earlier this spring, but that isn’t stopping them from passing spending bills at historic levels. And P (more...)

Fed’s Harker Sees Two to Three Hikes in 2016 as Prices Gain

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Patrick Harker said that he could see two to three rate hikes in 2016 and that prices will return towards the central bank's inflation target over the medium term. (more...)

We Know What’s Solving Poverty Around the World

For nations all around the world, as well as right here at home, lawmakers struggle with how to achieve economic and social progress. Data collected annually in the Index of Economic Freedom demonstrate that the principles of economic freed (more...)

Good News on Gas Prices Heading Into Memorial Day Weekend

oil-pump-price-fall_3.jpg ERIC GAILLARD Beth BravermanMay 24, 2016Although they’ve been on the rise for the past two weeks, gas prices are at levels that haven’t been seen in over a decade heading (more...)

It’s the end of Goldman Sachs as we know it

The bank has radically redefined itself in the wake of the global financial crisis. (more...)